Togas! Chitons! Snag Yourself Some Awesomeness!

I like to do two-part posts to give you a more in-depth look at a topic. Since these topics are pretty cool, I thought you might like to look at some great items related to them on a slightly more detailed shopping page instead of just a general ad with results that may or may not actually have anything to do with the post.

On this shopping page I’ll show you some neat things I found that have to do with Greek and Roman dress. So, without further ado, here are some items that feature togas and chitons…snag yourself some awesomeness!

Books For Reading and Play

Title: Costumes of the Greeks and Romans
Author: Thomas Hope
Overview: From the back cover: “From headdresses to sandals, from warrior’s armor to priestess’s robes, the authentic costumes of people from all walks of life in the Roman and Greek civilizations are here pictured comprehensively and clearly. Three hundred finely drawn, detailed engravings (containing over 700 illustrations) show just what was worn by the poets, philosophers, priests and priestesses, peasants, Bacchanalians, emperors, generals, Amazons, and virgins of a bygone age.”

This is a slightly older book being a 1962 reprint of an 1812 Dover book so the language can take a bit of effort to wrap your head around. The book looks like it’s worth the effort though and goes into a lot of detail about the costumes Greeks, Romans and Egyptians wore based on what historians knew at the time.

Title: Roman clothing and Fashion
Author: Alexandra Croom
Overview: This is a really nice book that goes into a lot of detail about Roman clothing in the first six centuries AD. The author covers the clothing of everyone including slaves, children, men and women and their various social statuses. The cloth that was used and its colours and everything from underwear and footwear right up to hair, hats and jewelry. If you really want a good overview of what the ancient Romans wore, this book is a great place to start.

Title: Greek and Roman Fashions (Dover Fashion Coloring Book)
Author: Tom Tierney
Overview: Who doesn’t love to colour? This book is really cool. You get to learn more about what Greeks and Romans wore AND you get to colour. How awesome is that? This book is laid out more like an encyclopedia with a page for things like Roman hairstyles and another page for shoes etc. The drawings are really nice and I could see a few enjoyable hours (or more) colouring in the pictures. It might even be a nice thing to do with your kids…if you want to share, that is.

Title: Ancient Greek Costumes Paper Dolls
Author: Tom Tierney
Overview: Paper dolls!! I remember playing with those as a kid. Being so careful to cut the shapes out perfectly and then the reams of tape I HAD to have to fix the tabs that “accidentally” got snipped…the fighting with my sister over which outfit looked better…..ANYHOO! In this book the author gives you a nice history lesson on the clothes that you can read while you dress the female and male dolls in 16 different elaborate outfits. The outfits span the periods from about 750 BC to about 30 BC so there should be a nice variety.

Toga and Chiton Goodies

And the Beer Gods said,

And the Beer Gods said,”Toga! Toga! Toga!” Beer Stein

Item: And the Beer Gods said,”Toga! Toga! Toga!” Beer Stein
Designer: Zazzle designer, Welcome to Wizzoh’s
Description: I saw this mug and fell in love with its epicness. It’s gorgeous and fun. The caption reads: “And the Beer Gods said, “Toga! Toga! Toga!” It’s a basic ceramic mug but it has really nice detail work. It comes in white/gold and grey/blue. Being ceramic you can put it in the dishwasher, but if you want it to stay awesome for a long time, it’s better to hand wash it. It’s quite big and holds 650ml (22 oz.) of whatever you care to put into it.

Young Roman girl Poster

Young Roman Girl Poster

Item: Young Roman Girl Poster
Artist: Zazzle designer, by Bridgeman Images
Description: This is a beautiful poster of a young Roman girl. In the Greco-Roman period, girls often wore togas until they reached womanhood. It was believed that wearing a toga would protect girls and their innocence. The statue in the image does a lovely job of capturing her innocence. I always find it amazing how sculptors can create such life-like textures out of stone. This poster comes in a variety of sizes and finishes. I could see it being a really nice addition to just about any room that could use a touch of class.

Greek Grapes Grecian Toga party Invitation PCs fun

Toga Party Invitation

Item: Toga Party Invitation
Designer: Zazzle Designer, Postcard-Palace
Description: Planning on having your own toga party? Add a little more fun by sending postcard invitations to all of your guests. If the text on the card doesn’t quite work for you, it can be personalized to suit your needs. Let the revelry begin! Toga! Toga! Toga!

William Heath Robinson - A Midsummer Night's Dream Postcard

William Heath Robinson – A Midsummer Night’s Dream Postcard

Designer: Zazzle Designer, Vintage Illustration
Description: Sometimes you just need a little bit of fantasy. This postcard would be really nice to put on a wall so you can look and get lost in the fantasy when you need a break from reality. The seated lady is wearing a lovely blue chiton and it looks like she’s wearing her zoster in the high-girdled position. Very pretty.
Right Now, All I Want To Do Is Go To A Toga Party Mouse Pad

Right Now, All I Want To Do Is Go To A Toga Party Mouse Pad

Item: Right Now, All I Want To Do Is Go To A Toga Party Mouse Pad
Designer: Zazzle Designer, CMMShirts
Description: This is an awesome mouse pad. Sometimes you need to add a little humour to your desk and to tell everyone who looks just how you feel and this mouse pad should definitely do the trick. At 9.25″ x 7.75″ there’s lots of room for your mouse. You can even do some customizing with Zazzle’s editor.

I had a lot of fun sourcing the items for this page, I hope you like them. There are so many great products featuring togas and chitons. I would like to do a shopping page for each set of two posts. What kinds of things in particular would you like to see? Please comment below, I’d love to read your suggestions. Please also spread the love and share the Classical History Rocks posts with anyone you think might be interested because classical history rocks.

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