About Me

Who is Tricia?

Tricia is a stay-home parent to two amazing kids, a husband and a beautiful rescue dog named Lulu. When Tricia isn’t in her garden or working with her daughter on her distance education studies, she’s researching (or playing games on her phone). Tricia has a nearly insatiable appetite for knowledge about just about anything. This led her to blogging as an outlet for all of her studying. She has been blogging for about a year as of this writing but got bored with the narrowness of her old blog’s topic.

One day when she was helping her daughter with her history lesson on the Greco-Roman period, she decided that the unit was beyond boring and started telling related stories that she’d learned during her own studies and finding videos that didn’t put her to sleep. After what seemed like forever, she clued in that she loved learning about history and the Greco-Roman or Classical Period (to be more precise)…a lot.

Why did she start this blog?

Though her past with history wasn’t the smoothest and at times she downright hated it, there were times that Tricia sort of kind of liked it…when it wasn’t so dry and boring. She’s always liked learning odd bits about ancient Greece and Rome and at one time she thought about how she could share what she learned and make it interesting. Unfortunately, that idea got swept away in the chaos of raising kids. Now that she has more time to herself, she’s revisiting the idea and seeing what she an do with it.

Traditionally, classical history has been more of a classroom subject. Tricia believes that we should never stop learning no matter what your background or where you are. Classical history should be enjoyed by and accessible to everyone. There is so much we can learn and so many fascinating stories from that time.

Classical history rocks.

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